Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here is my first sample playing around with the LPC-H2294 on Rowley CrossWorks 1.5 . This very simple program just blinks the LED on the header board, very simple. Most of the good sample code that I have found for the LPC is either not for the LPC-H2294 board or not for CrossWroks. So with some extra time I will post sample code of generic routines that you need to interface with this MCU on CrossWorks 1.5 . I could be missing some very good insight with how powerful CrossWorks is and rewritting a messsy wheel, but its all for shits and giggles. The next post on the LPC-H2294 will be a interface for the UART. I plan on getting a good SPI interface so I can do some LCD programming by the end of the month. Then who knows maybe I will create a LPC-2294 controlled robotic killer bunny. It kills anything it comes in contact with. Ok, now how to flash the LPC-H2294 with the PHILIPS LPC2000 Flash Utility V2.2.1. First set both 1 and 2 on Slide switch one (ICSP) to high, this enables the ICSP Programming. Upload the ARM Flash Release .hex file to the flash. This is done by selecting the filename and then clicking on the Upload to Flash button. You could use the Compare Flash button but it never seems to work for me. Once the .hex file has been uploaded to the flash switch Slide switch 2(boot) to the mode you created your binary for and walla.

Monday, August 14, 2006

LPC-H2294 Has arrived. Getting ready to port the SAM7 LCD stuff from jimbo over to the LPC-H2294 Board. Crossworks rocks for ARM stuff on LPC, I dont know why there is so much AT91SAM7 shit going around those boards suck ass!