Saturday, July 21, 2007

I still do not have an IPhone!!

I still do not have an IPhone!! Some of my friends have them and they are great! There is nothing missing, the UI is wonderful and it comes with head phones that I have always wanted. I hated the head phones for cell phones. Most of them come with a mic but the V shape to the single wire of the headphone, it is all off centered because they join at the mic. The IPhone comes with a very tiny mic that you can push as a button to answer calls. The head phones are the same shape as the IPod head phones which I really like. Anyways, here is a funny picture from the SMS Mailbox.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

IntelliSense Dies

If you use Team Explorer and auto check out by typing in a source file IntelliSense might die. This happens to me when the objects you want to use are outside of the current project but not in the .NET framework. Best solution is to restart the IDE and things might be normal again.

Changes to Xaml does not force a recompile in Debug

Visual Studio 2008 is still dumb to when xaml source code needs to be recompiled. When changes are made to the xaml code and you want to run it under the debugger the IDE should recompile the code for you. Guess what, it doesn’t. This was also a problem I had with the Visual Studio 2005 Orcas Plugin (or whatever it was called).

Exception Window for Xaml Code.

The VS Orcas team thinks there pretty slick, now when you change a line of xaml and don’t recompile the IDE will tell you there is an exception. This is great when you want to check for them, but not when you are editing code! How do these guys think up this stuff. One of the first things they should of done is stopped the IDE from crashing from bad or even good xaml code. Now I face the problem that one of my usercontrols crashes the IDE when another application try's to load it. The usercontrol works fine during run time but crashes during editing time! This usercontrol is very simple, three rectangles and one line.. This might be too much for the new powerful Orcas IDE to handle! Remember just to press ESC when ever loading the designer part of Visual Studio Orcas, because it tends never to work.

Microsoft Robotics Studio and Lego Mindstorms NXT

I'm going to finally put my NXT to use. One more item I need to get is a wireless camera, then I could create a simple bot to rom around parts of the house. I could even build a track close to the ceiling that the robot could track around. That sounds like a cooler idea!