Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How To Write a 3D Game Engine

Not that I'm looking forward to do anything like this, but it should help with understanding the concepts of 3D engines.

Concepts behind the C# 3.0 language

This article is a nice introduction to the features and concepts new to C# 3.0.

Amazing Lego Art

Amazing Lego Art

New MythDora 4.0

I have an unused TV in the house, this project is going to be perfect for what I want todo. All I really care about is the new reader in myth : )

Advance Mame Project.

Mame has come a long way!!! I'm able to relive my past again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LOLCODE, I might as well give this project a link.

Crazy Crazy stuff.

Monte Carlo Simulation Using Parallel Asynchronous Web Services with .NET 2.0

Just thought it was cool!

.NET random number generators and distributions

This could make a very nice library for testing some gaming related programs I have.

Windows firewall by Yoggie Security Systems

An Israeli startup puts out a great product. This device is cheap and runs Linux. I have not played with it my self but once its on the market I have to buy one. I think usb key type devices are going to bring a whole new way we use computers. The memory is getting large, processor are getting smaller.. Public computers must just need your usb key to boot up a system that is defined by you. You could keep your desktop settings and personal programs all on one key.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The crazy people in NJ!

I started to watch a TV series. The IT Crowd

The first time I liked comedy that came from england. Most of the time I find there comedy dry and boring. But nothing beats this show, its funny as hell.

Another post about a movie. Disaster!

This movie is better then Team America, towards the end it gets a little old, the same thing happen with Team America. Disaster! did not make it to the US movie theaters, but it should of. Funny puns on every walk of life happens in this movie! If you look at the director list, its a bunch of Jews who have done it again! The production of a great movie.

Running Scared (2006)

The most amazing movie I have seen by far. This movie is so unique in the way events happen, transition of scenes, and plot. The craziest part is when the pedophile murderers say "We are sick and need help", that part of the movie I just cant get out of my mind. I was happy when the lady shot them both, they don't get the chance of help!!! How the hell does someone come up with this shit.. Well here is a even crazier story. I just looked up that story, some people are really fucked up in this world.

Smoking Aces Crazy Kid

See The Skillz!@!@!@ I have been watching a few movies this week. This part of Smoking Aces was crazy.

I will never understand why food is so much fun!