Thursday, July 19, 2007

Exception Window for Xaml Code.

The VS Orcas team thinks there pretty slick, now when you change a line of xaml and don’t recompile the IDE will tell you there is an exception. This is great when you want to check for them, but not when you are editing code! How do these guys think up this stuff. One of the first things they should of done is stopped the IDE from crashing from bad or even good xaml code. Now I face the problem that one of my usercontrols crashes the IDE when another application try's to load it. The usercontrol works fine during run time but crashes during editing time! This usercontrol is very simple, three rectangles and one line.. This might be too much for the new powerful Orcas IDE to handle! Remember just to press ESC when ever loading the designer part of Visual Studio Orcas, because it tends never to work.

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